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Moving Up, or maybe just sideways

Well Ladies and Gentlemen, the time has come where I've outgrown the amount of space I have for this blog. I could start paying for it. Or I could just check my link list for the other one I started. So from now on posts will be
over here

I still need to fix the colour scheme, and re-do the link lists. But over the next few days who am I kidding? It'll be weeks I'll get things straightened out.

And I'll finally be able to post the rest of the pictures from the Calgary trip, and my most recent spinning and dyeing adventures.

Make sure to update your book marks, or blog readers. Whatever newfangled sorts of things you like best!

Hope to see you all at my new blog!

Expanded updates

Ok, I've been somewhat flooded with question marks after my list of highlights yesterday. I thought I would expand today. Mostly because I'm still boring and nothing exciting has happened to me lately!

~ Working after a week off sucks

Today was so freakin' slow, but I couldn't knit because the bigwigs of the company (like top of the food chain bigwigs) were in the warehouse today. But, it's almost like a long weekend, so I'm good.

~ Cozy is about 10 inches long

Cozy is now hovering around 15 inches, I watched the end of LOTR and all of Transformers yesterday. Which is a stupid movie BTW, but I got a lot of knitting done!

~ Have to go to a funeral next week

Remember awhile back I mentioned someone being terminal? Yeah, so I'm leaving work at noon on Thursday to go to a funeral. I'm not sad for Brian. He was sick a long time and fought so hard. I'm sad for those he leaves behind. All I have are happy memories.

~ Dog has been safe since her adventures last week

Unless you count being beat up by the cats. What is it about big dogs?

~ Totally got hit by a bat on my way to knitting last night (seriously)

So I was walking into the E&C on Whyte ave, and saw what I thought was a sparrow. It hit my arm and proceeded to hang upside down on the red phone booth while folding its wings in. Bats are awesome. Birds freak me out.

~ Spinning and dyeing this weekend

Bought a big-ass canning jar and a salad spinner at Chez Wally's World today. So excited!

~ Staying cool this weekend (30+ temps)

Booty shorts and lots of water.

~ That's all I got, I'm boring tonight. But I am starting to research my dream job

I want to be a Doula. Eventually becoming a midwife. This is something I've wanted ever since I was little. I have always been fascinated by pregnancy and childbirth. It's only recently that I've felt comfortable telling people "what I want to be when I grow up".

I love pregnant bellies (Hi J!) and grope them whenever I get permission. I refuse to be one of those people who acost pregnant women! The whole idea of actually growing a human being is amazing and overwhelming. And I'm just a bystander! I love reading pregnancy books and knowing whether or not the baby looks like a shrimp or a gummy bear. And seriously, there is absolutely nothing more amazing than that first cry.

Tonight will be for laundry, knitting, and watching the Spiderwick Chronicles with Dad. We're back to normal. Which is good. This house is small when 2/3 of the inhabitants aren't speaking.

I talked to my guy last night for a long time. Nothing special, told him my bat story. He's totally aware of the fact that I'm a dork. And a bit of a jackass. And he still wants me, which is pretty great.

And I better shut up now.

Happy weekend. Stay cool!


Hey Everyone, haven't got much to say tonight, but you guys tend to worry if I don't post. So here are the highlights:

~ Working after a week off sucks
~ Cozy is about 10 inches long
~ Have to go to a funeral next week
~ Dog has been safe since her adventures last week
~ Totally got hit by a bat on my way to knitting last night (seriously)
~ Spinning and dyeing this weekend
~ Staying cool this weekend (30+ temps)
~ That's all I got, I'm boring tonight. But I am starting to research my dream job.
Hey everyone!

I'm back, actually, I've been back for a few days now. But things happen, chaos ensued. Details later.

We had a really good time, I've decided that Calgary is a nice place to visit, but I REALLY don't want to live there.

We arrived at the zoo around 10am Saturday morning:

We saw dinosaurs:

We also saw Lions:

And Tigers:

And Bears:

It was hot out and he was hiding

We saw giraffes, they are super cool, have you ever seen one running?

We got in line to feed this one, but shortly after her son came to get her, maybe next time.

Hippos are funny:

Peacocks roam free and walk right by your feet. This is very neat, but I kind of have a bird thing and was a little uneasy:

those aren't my feet, but they really did get that close!

Snow Leopard:

I took over 100 pictures, so now I'm sifting through and picking the good ones. I have video too, but I don't feel like doing that today. Maybe another time when I have nothing to talk about!

Can you handle more pictures?

Still with me?

Ok, so Livejournal just yelled at me saying I have too many pictures. I'll load up the yarn store/spinning pictures, plus the ones I took at mom's a little later.

I bought my spinning wheel, and have been spinning like mad since I got home. I'm getting better, right now I'm using the fibre I got a few years ago. And it's not very nice to work with. My singles looked like Noro Kuryon, now that it's plied it looks a bit better.

Sunday night drama consisted of my dog being stolen and later returned. I'm assuming by her previous owner who also happens to be my mom's psycho ex. Good times.

There were some pretty fantasic hysterics had by yours truly. But she came home that night and has been pretty much with me all the time since then.

I guess since I can't do anymore pictures I may as well sign off for now!

*The Timbuktu title of this post refers to Nikki's boyfriend's parent's acreage. We stopped there on they way home. They have alpacas. Guess who gets the fleece!

On My Way

I figured I'd better post tonight since we're leaving craptastically early in the morning.

I think I've got everything I need, and really we're only going overnight, and I'm fully aware that I'm overpacked as it is. But you just never know. Right?

I've got all 3 of my projects start.

2 repeats of the Cozy are done, there was a minor glitch with gauge. But I decided to say "screw it" I switched needle tips after the first repeat, and I'll switch back for the last, just to make them even.

The Quidditch socks are done with the toe increases (on both), so it's just straight knitting until the heel. And I don't anticipate getting that far in a day and a half.

I started a Shape It Scarf with Lorna's Laces. I love it, it knits up beautifully.

Did some running around today, picking up odds and ends. Rolled my coin, came out with over $100, AND got my reimbursment cheque for my contacts. Love those benefits!

Yarn store here I come.

That's pretty much it. I will be back sometime on Sunday. Filled with stories and pictures I'm sure.

Happy Weekend Everyone!


It's Wednesday night. And I'm trying really hard to convince myself to go finish my laundry and actually get something productive done tonight. It's not working for me so far.

Since I got off work today I've:

-shopped for jeans (no luck)
-had supper with dad (similar to a horribly awkward first date)
-brushed my dog
-walked my dog
-read blogs
-put in a load of laundry

There has been a slight change in our weekend plans. Barely worth mentioning. We've decided to leave early Saturday morning, instead of Friday night.

We didn't have any plans for Friday night, our trip was to go to the zoo and yarn store. We'll still be able to make it to the zoo early enough on Saturday to make it through. And, I'm written into the calender at Make1! That's pretty exciting. I can't wait!

Not much else going on, just a note:


You amaze me with your comments. I have a hard time imagining that what I write could have such a profound effect on someone else. I'm just being me. I've read your comment every day. Even showed it to my Mom and Nikki. I don't know what to say. I can feel the words in me, but they get stuck. Somewhere around my ribcage I think. But I could be wrong on that one. Thank You.

I think I'm going to make some tea, curl up with my knitting, and save my today list for Friday.

A Day in Pictures

I hope everyone had a lovely weekend. I know I did.

Friday was pretty low key, I stayed in, did some laundry and knitted on the blanket. And casted off on the blanket and went to bed early.

Saturday, as you all know was World Wide Knit in Public Day.

It was amazing. It was like Christmas, and my birthday all rolled into one. And then dipped into dark chocolate. Yes, it was that good.

I went for breakfast at the Blue Plate Diner, if you haven't had a chance to go I urge you to try it. I've only ever been for breakfast, but the food is great. The atmosphere artsy and the service good for such a busy place.

After breakfast we went to the market, where I bought an adorable little pouch that perfectly fits everything a person needs for a sock in progress:

I also bought some homemade jam. I had a little bit of it on the muffins I made the other day, yummy.

After breakfast and marketing was a quick trip over to Ewe Asked For It. They just happened to have one skein left in the dyelot of Lorna's Laces that I'm using for my Shape It scarf. I decided that since that one skein had been sitting there since I bought the first 2, I really should buy the third.

After Ewe, we popped over to O'Byrnes. For more food and drink. Or in my case, food and Club Soda. Which I love, most people think it's nasty, but I quite like it. In fact..

*hops over to kitchen to retreive bubbly stuff*

I've just noticed I kept saying "we" while talking about Saturday. My morning companians included Kim, Jenni, Rob, Caroline, and my new friend Alicia.

Alicia, I couldn't find you on the Rav, and I'm not sure if I'm spelling your name the right way. Please correct me if I'm wrong!

The O'Byrnes crowd consisted of the above people, with the addition of Heather, Robin, another Kim, and Jacqulyn.

There was much knitting and laughing and attempted conversion of the Muggles.

After O'Byrnes I went home and managed to do a load of laundry, walk my dog and get organized for going to Mom's.

Then I went to dinner with Nikki and her new man. We went for Indian food, which was amazing as always. And yes, I worked on my sock the whole time.

This is the first Kool Aid sock, I'm just working on the heel flap of the second while I wait for the pictures to upload.

Saturday with Mom was really good, I was all bubbly about my day, and took care of her because she'd had a really rough one.

And now we're caught up to this morning.

It started off with a text from my guy. I'd texted him last night, last week was so awful and we hadn't had a chance to talk, so I messaged him and hoped his phone was working. He messaged back this morning and we talked for a bit. He misses me. Which is good, I'd hate to be the only one.

It's really hard being apart from the one person you really want to be with.

For the most part, I don't really notice it. It's always there though, but I can't really describe the feeling. Just a constant sort of missing. But I tune it out, keep myself busy.

Last week was hard though, it occupied most of my thoughts. All I wanted/needed was to be held onto, and as independant as I am, there really is something special about being held onto by a man.

Ok, enough of that sappy girl stuff. Back to my day.

This morning consisted of knitting and Gilmore Girls with my Mom. I ended up with a lot of stuff to bring home, and I really just wanted to be back at my house, so I took a cab and was able to get home in really good time.

It was kind of rainy and the air had sort of a meloncholy feel to it. So I lit candles, 13 of them actually, I used my "cold weather scents". Cinnamon and Vanilla, Apple, and Ginger Lemon Merengue Pie. My house smells like a bakery and I never even turned on the oven!

I put on the kettle for tea, and wrapped myself up in my Cozy:

It's been packed away since I finished it because "it was too nice to use". And then I decided that that was a stupid way to think, so I pulled it out and have been wearing it ever since. Even both times I went walking the dog. It even kept me warm in the rain. Love that wool!!

I haven't done anything resembling housework, or anything overly productive for that matter.

I've spent an hour or more today playing with pencil crayons and the colour sheet with all of the dye colours on it. So far I've got 12 colourways designed. There are two that I probably won't keep. One of the two I just needed to add another colour, and the other just isn't working for me.

No pictures of that though, need to keep my creativity to myself for now!

I finished sewing in the ends on the blanket, and finished the sewing up of the BSJ:

Like I said before, the button bands don't actually touch. Not entirely sure how that happened. But I really like the ICord tie. I just need to get some buttons for the front, just little decorative ones.

It has been a nice, quiet day filled with music, and knitting, and relaxing.

Nikki loaned me a CD of an absolutely phenomenal group called Within Temptation. It's very operatic, but its got a really intense sound. You can see them here:

This next one and the one on top I think are my favorites, but I'm not sure yet:

Other than that, not much happened. I drank coffee and let my dog hang out inside all day.

Oh, and did you hear? I finished the blanket.

Y'know what? I need to say it again. Just a bit louder.

I FINISHED THE BLANKET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My goal for this week is to finish the second KoolAid sock and the second Brother sock. And the laptop bag. That way I can start my three road trip projects on Friday.

Because I'm going on a vacation!!!!!

Happy Sunday night, see some of you tomorrow at SnB. And yes, I'm bringing the blanket to show everyone who hasn't seen it in for reals yet.

Oh, and think happy yarny thoughts for T, who is stuck at home with a bum knee. Hope you're doing ok over there T!!

Thanks Everyone

Thank you everyone who had something nice to say. It always makes me feel better! Have I told you that I have a special folder in my email to save all of your comments when I need a hug?

Not much to report since yesterday.

I might have put through a $200 Knitpicks order.

And by "might", I mean it was $200.75.

In my defense (hah!) I decided that if I'm really going to get into this dyeing thing I really *should* have ALL the colours.

And some more bare yarn.

T and J? Your Baad Medicine colourways are busily forming in my mind. But there can be no dyeing until July.

How is it possible that I have no more free weekends this month?

Remember that this Saturday is Worldwide Knit in Public day. Have you made your plans?

I will be busy all day, and knitting the whole time.

Some of us are meeting at O Byrnes on whyte ave for lunch. I can get more info if anyone wants!

Happy Thursday, I need to go knit.


What a horrible day today was. Seriously.

I spent most of the morning feeling all moody. No real reason, and not a bad mood. Just moody. To the point of the girls telling me I looked "sour" and "snipey" and the boys basically stayed away from me.

But the way I look at it, is that the four of us girls have worked together long enough now, that there is about a week and a half period (no pun intended) where everyone is irritable.

So yeah, basically work was one long suck fest. And then I get home. Something I have been looking forward to since I left this morning. I walk in the door and start to take off my shoes when it starts.

My father starts yelling down the stairs about how my dog got out of the yard. And I need to fix the fence. And if she gets out again "they" will put her down.


So I sit down at my computer and try to de-compress a little bit.

Until he comes downstairs and starts up his tirade again.

Dad "Don't just sit there. Go fix the fence." RantRantRantBitchBitchBitch Etc Etc Etc

Me "I had a really crappy day, I just need to sit for a minute. I'll go fix the damn fence. I just need some time."

Dad "Well its just always about you isn't it?" *stomps upstairs*

Me *sob*

My dad has never spoken like that to me before. I mean, whenever something "that's all my fault" happens, he ambushes me out of nowhere as soon as I wake up, or walk in the door.

But he has never said something so mean before.

I understand that his work is hard and stressful and that since he works at home I'm an easy target.

And I understand that in his eyes I am one big fuck up. And that I will never be the perfect child that my brother is.

But it would be nice if I would at least be allowed to defend myself. Or at least get my shoes off first.

So I called Nikki, and she spent about 20 minutes telling me how fantastic I am.

She tells me that I inspire her every day. And that she is amazed at how much I've changed just since we've met. And that if my dad can't see how awesome I am that he's missing out.

I've been crying for about 3 hours now. I stop occasionally, but then it just starts up again. Don't you just love hormones?

All I want to do right now is curl up in a dark little room, but there is just too much to do. I think I'll throw a load of laundry in, and ask the Brother to put it in the dryer. At least he's still speaking to me.

I can't even knit right now. I'm too upset.

I can however, show you some pictures:

This is the BSJ I knit out of my handdyed. You'll notice that the button bands don't actually meet. This is a horrible,horrible mistake that happens when you "fix" your stitch count design feature. That will be finished with an I Cord tie at the neck, and decorative buttons covering the holes down both fronts.

The KoolAid socks are progressing. I'm past the gusset decreases on the first one, but don't feel like getting up to take a picture.

The Brother sock is patiently waiting for a mate.

Hailey's Blanket only needs about 16 more rows and the ends sewn in. I really was hoping to have it done by the end of the week. I'm guessing about 5 hours left. Plus the time for sewing in the ends.

I couldn't find my BSJ dvd the other day, that resulted in a slightly manic tearing apart of the knitting room. I did tidy up my stash though:

I still had about a half case of the Crayon yarn left from the blanket, so I had to fit that in to get the box off the floor. My stash is all colour coded and tidy again. It makes me happy to look at it. It also stresses me out a little bit. That's a lot of yarn. Not as much as some people. Some of it has plans, a lot of it doesn't. And you know what? I have about 14 skeins in a travel bag for our road trip! It wouldn't even fit on the shelf now!

Speaking of our road trip, we are so looking forward to getting out of the city. I'm counting down the days, until we leave (there are 8 left). Did I already mention I've booked off the Friday and Monday? I did? Oh, well let me say it again.


It's almost like having a real vacation. And I haven't had one of those since the trail ride. I totally just clicked an entry at random, I had actually forgotten when we went

Ok, I'm feeling a bit better now. Not all the way, but getting there. I really must remember to post on something resembling a regular basis. Keeps things from getting all jumbled up. I know there was a lot more I wanted to talk about. But I've forgotten.

I leave you with pictures from yesterday. Mom and I are knitting an afghan for our friend Pam (the one with lymphoma) and we're using an amazing book filled with all these differant blocks to choose from. Mom made one for me a few years ago, so we spread it out to look at some squares.

Someone decided to help.

And yes CatKnip/Catty, her feet DO smell like cheezies!

Absentee Blogger

Hey Everyone

How was the weekend?

I had an extended on this week. My to do list lately has had a million plus 10 things on it and I was getting overwhelemed. As a result I came down with a mysterious case of work flu on Friday.

And Dudes, I was on the go all day long. I slept in a little bit and then I went for an appointment, got my blood taken, and hit the art supply store. After that I went to the gym, discovered that I'm still an active member, so I had my file transferred closer to home. Now I just need to find some time in my week to fit in a few workouts. And the laundry. The laundry is always epic.

I spent the whole day walking. For those of you who are local, I took the bus from my place to 107st (about 20 blocks), from there I walked to 112st. And then I walked home. About 25 blocks. And there I re-supplied and went to the mall. Which added about 4 blocks there and back, plus the mall walking and the stairs.

Did you know that the Consulate of the Netherlands is in Bonnie Doon mall?

I spent Friday night sitting and knitting. I broke both rules I made the other day. Not only did I cast on a BSJ, but I also over-dyed one of the yarns for it. In the plus column, I'm working the 10 ridges before the stitch pickup.

Pictures tomorrow.

Saturday was good, yarn store knitting, and Mom's house. Sunday was good, mostly knitting. A little kitchen time.

The blanket is approximately 24 rows from completion. Hopefully done by Tuesday, but unlikely.

Now, it's late and time for bed. I work a full week, and then only a partial. I'm taking 2 vacation days on either end the The Calgary Trip.

Happy Sunday!